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VersaCourt Sports Tiles

X CRAFT is partnering with VersaCourt to bring flexibility, style, and extra ergonomic protection to athletes looking to train and have fun. We're providing VersaCourt Court Tiles for X CRAFT multi-use courts, letting our clients get consistent performance and unmatched durability no matter where they are in Canada!

Who Is Versacourt?

VersaCourt began offering its product in 2004, and what makes the court tile system so popular was the innovative design. Combined with the company's focus on providing exceptional products backed by people who care about their customers, they took the sports world by storm. Now, 16 years later, their continued commitment to excellence has made them the ideal partner for X CRAFT!


VersaCourt's patented interlocking system of court tiles provides an exceptionally uniform and durable surface, allowing for more intensive activity. As well, their court tiles are ¾” and shock-absorbing, reducing fatigue and letting athletes play better for longer.

Now, X CRAFT is putting their incredible product for good use. VersaCourt designed its tiles for multi-sport applications, giving both public and private clients access to a surface they need. Now, X CRAFT uses them for our multi-use court designs!

What Are VersaCourt Sports Tiles?

Versacourt provides completely innovative court structures worldwide and X Craft is now a Canadian distributor and contractor. The outstanding uniform and extra-durable sporting surface allow for years of excitement and usage. This innovative and patented sports tile design allows everyone to efficiently and affordably construct sports courts ranging from basketball to tennis and shuffleboard almost anywhere! Get the bounce, feedback and safety you rely on with VersaCourt manufactured sports tiles.

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X-Craft x Versa-Court Residential Multi-Use Courts

You can design your next at-home sports court with VersaCourt and X CRAFT, and we have a variety of game lines and sports from which to choose. We work with private clients all over North America in developing a court design that can manage all sports, games and activities that they have in mind. X CRAFT staff can also lay down lines using different colours and shades to organize every layout, letting you get on with the game without confusion. You can also use different coloured tiles in combination with game lines to separate activities! 

All options are available on any of X CRAFT's multi-use sports courts made with VersaCourt tiles. Our expert staff will help you determine the most efficient way to include every one of your selected activities while also staying within your property's space requirements. If you have more questions or want to get a high-quality sports court in your backyard today, contact X CRAFT and we'll assist you in the design and build!


X CRAFT x VersaCourt Commercial Multi-Use Courts


If you're planning a new court for a facility or want to revitalize an existing surface, the X CRAFT and VersaCourt system is the perfect, most cost-effective option available. The courts we make using VersaCourt tiles provide the perfect balance of performance and durability, and our surfaces have some of the lowest maintenance requirements available!

X CRAFT can now use VersaCourt tile systems to install new surfaces or cover existing surfaces with speed and security. The final product will always deliver a bounce and response that is consistent across the entire surface of the court. VersaCourt tiles' slight vertical flex and side-to-side movement are very forgiving on the knees, joints and lower backs of all athletes. This reduces the chance of injury during aggressive and competitive games, no matter what the age of the players!

X CRAFT partnered with VersaCourt because we know they engineer their court tiles to stand up to the most rigorous traffic and last for decades. It's made them a favourite among facility operators and athletic directors across the United States; now, the X CRAFT team can combine these superior surfaces with our beautiful designs!

What Are The Benefits Of X CRAFT and VersaCourt's Partnership?


Whether you need a private residential basketball court or commercial surface for a wide range of athletes, there are many benefits to the X CRAFT/VersaCourt system. Our multi-uses courts have higher durability and lower maintenance needs, as the court tiles stand up to even the harshest weather conditions. All you need to clean them is a broom, hose or leaf blower!

The excellent grip and the suspended surface of VersaCourt's court tiles improve how you play while protecting your joints. The unique surface profile offers superior grip and traction, while the suspended surface is very forgiving on players’ knees and lower backs.

It's not enough that VersaCourt court tiles are durable and comfortable - they come in a wide variety of colours, too! X CRAFT can use them to add your favourite game lines, designs and logos to the product, giving you a bespoke court that's right for your team.

+ Frequently Asked VersaCourt Questions

How much does VersaCourt cost?

As a rough estimate, the VersaCourt surface for a typical game court can cost $3 to $4 per sqf fully certified, styled and painted. This estimate may push higher if the court is larger or requires additional lines painted or added.

What is the best surface for outdoor basketball court?

The most affordable and stylish outdoor basketball court comes from VersaCourt which is a well known name in outdoor court design. As a partner with VersaCourt we can provide the best deals for outdoor court installation.

How long does VersaCourt last?

Typically, a professionally installed VersaCourt outdoor sports court can last 25 years if properly maintained. Our partnership with VersaCourt helps us provide guarantees to our customers for long-lasting craftsmanship.

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