Concrete Tennis Court Construction

Concrete Tennis Court Construction Experts

X CRAFT is a recreational concrete contractor making sports courts and fields for basketball, tennis, and multi-sport court projects. We have a devotion to sports and the performance of athletes of all skill levels and needs, designing and delivering all our solutions from our workshop in London, Ontario!

Concrete Tennis Court Construction: Dimensions And Factors

The size of a regulation tennis court for doubles is 60 x 120 feet, as per the International Tennis Federation. You must take into account additional space around the court perimeter; this gives our concrete contractors room to work, as well as allowing for drainage, landscaping, and fencing. Luckily, your court doesn't have to be regulation size, and the X CRAFT concrete team can work with the property space you have!

Our team of concrete contractors begins by laying a firm, even foundation of properly mixed concrete. They must know the ground conditions, including whether the soil is expansive, its material content, and the groundwater conditions of the area. The X CRAFT team also considers the time of day and geographic location in determining the best orientation for a tennis court. For example, a north-south orientation compromises between the light extremes of the morning and afternoon.

Our team can then leave the concrete as the surface or cover the foundation with several layers of an acrylic-rubber mix or artificial grass. The surface layer can give the court a new look and characteristics, and what you choose affects how fast the ball bounces and contributes to the ease of movement of the players.


Residential And Public Tennis Court Construction

X CRAFT makes tennis courts available and affordable for private clients. The smooth surface you get on an X CRAFT home tennis court will provide a constant bounce and a court that's ready for everyday play. It makes it easier to calculate the flight curve of the ball. Installing a concrete playing surface can give you a home-court advantage!

For public courts, an X CRAFT hardcourt playing surface made with concrete is the ideal option. A hard concrete surface with no surfacing system gives athletes of all experience levels consistent, even play that is also good for honing skills. However, adding a resilient surface layer can reduce the impact on a player's joints. Talk to the X CRAFT team to see what system will work best for your needs.


The Advantages Of X CRAFT Concrete Tennis Courts

X CRAFT tennis court construction gives plenty of benefits to public and private courts alike, delivering enduring performance unmatched by other materials like asphalt. These include: 

  • Increased resistance to cracks, heaving, and settling
  • Long life
  • An even, consistent playing surface
  • Low maintenance costs

Hard courts laid with a foundation of concrete create a surface that is hard to beat: the tennis ball will hardly lose any speed through friction when it touches the ground, making for a faster, more consistent game than surfaces like clay. Our team can also construct artificial grass courts, one of the easiest and low-cost ways to establish a unique tennis surface and playing experience.

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