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X CRAFT is a recreational concrete contractor making sports courts and fields for basketball, tennis, and multi-sport court projects. We have a devotion to sports and the performance of athletes of all skill levels and needs, designing and delivering all our solutions from our workshop in London, Ontario!

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How Are X CRAFT Sports Courts And Fields Constructed?

Sports court construction starts with a rectangular base made from a solid material like concrete or asphalt. A proper base keeps the playing surface solid and even; using concrete sports courts can be a budget-friendly, maintenance-free approach for outdoor games like basketball. 

Many clients want their indoor sports courts covered with a surface that improves safety and reduces the impact play can have on an athlete's body. However, we can finish more outdoor sports courts and fields with a durable top layer with more flexibility than concrete or asphalt. You can choose from five different surfaces with the X CRAFT sports court construction system:

  • Concrete
  • Rubber
  • Asphalt
  • Polyurethane
  • ¬†Artificial grass

Once the construction of the sports court is complete, the X CRAFT team adds specific design options. If you have a single-use surface like a basketball court, our team will install precise and proper lines. Multi-use sports courts can have blended lines that allow for different sports and game options.

Sports field construction requires different work, but our expert team uses their skills to make all the accurate field layouts and measurements. We can install the proper turf for all kinds of sports fields. Contact X CRAFT today to see how we can make your sports field project come to life!


How Does X CRAFT Use VersaCourt Systems In Construction?

One innovation X CRAFT offers for our courts is VersaCourt sports tiles. VersaCourt sports tiles are a patented product that fits together to make an incredible surface perfect for many different sports. The tiles come together to make a flexible, ergonomic sports court surface that provides more protection for casual players and hardcore athletes alike. The courts can accommodate almost any sport, including intense sports like tennis and casual games like shuffleboard.

Constructing a VersaCourt system starts with installing a four-inch thick concrete base with #4 rebar reinforcement. When properly mixed, concrete maximizes playability and require much less maintenance than asphalt or other materials. The prep of the concrete is the longest part of sports court construction - VersaCourt tiles are easy to install, and we will prepare them to your specifications!

Everyone can enjoy the optimal ball bounce, flexibility, and safety provided by a concrete sports court constructed with VersaCourt-manufactured tiles. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor sports court construction projects, and X CRAFT offers customized designs and simple installation for all our clients, making the most out of the space they have!


X CRAFT Sports Court And Field Construction Can Meet Any Budget

X CRAFT has a system that makes sports courts and fields more attainable. We have proudly provided schools, local governments, homes, and recreational facilities with court solutions that meet the needs of their space and budget. Concrete gives us a durable, maintenance-free foundation on which to build a beautiful sports field or court!

Concrete gives us a base to make any surface: hardcourt tennis, VersaCourt basketball, indoor soccer on artificial grass, and many more. X CRAFT's innovative design solutions can work with unique, cost-effective solutions for residential, commercial, and public areas.

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