Multi-Use Court Construction

Multi-Purpose Court Design & Construction

X CRAFT is a leading provider of multi-use court construction in Ontario. If you want to make a court for players of volleyball, basketball, tennis, and even newer games like pickleball, don't build a separate surface for each sport. With a solid foundation of concrete, a proper surface, and precise lines, your sports court can accommodate everyone!

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What Is Multi-Use Court Construction?

Multi-use court construction follows the same process as other kinds of court construction. Our team starts by preparing the site for a concrete foundation, levelling the ground and ensuring that the concrete is level for the playing surface. Depending on your needs and budget, we can prepare the concrete as the playing surface or lay down a different material as the top layer. We then make the surface ready for the different sports by painting on precise lines.

For private residences, a multi-sport court helps you maximize the usable space in your yard. We don't build "one-size-fits-all options"; our team customizes every job to the needs and budget of our customers. X CRAFT can design a multi-use court that works for any combination of sports you like: tennis, volleyball, half-court basketball, paddle tennis, pickleball, or whatever you enjoy playing! 

For public parks or courts used by a wide variety of people, a multi-use sports court by X CRAFT can satisfy all athletes. Our team can design a multi-use court that includes the court lines for all the sports you want people to enjoy on your court.


Choose The Surface Material For Your Multi-Use Court

Once our concrete contractors have poured and screeded the firm foundation, clients can choose a surface to give their character and playability. Our multi-use court construction services make use of five surface materials:

  • Concrete
  • Rubber
  • Artificial grass
  • Asphalt
  • Polyurethane

Turning the resulting surface into something that can support many different games and sports comes down to the lines. If you need a tennis court that also lets people play pickleball, you can have the lines coloured to divide the tennis court into separate pickleball courts. By building a multi-use court, the overall construction and dimensions can be the same as a single court - no larger surfaces are required!


What Are The Advantages Of A Multi-Use Court?

The main advantage of multi-use court construction is that it's a budget saver. We work with schools, community centers, parks and recreation centers, hotels and resorts, and sports centers across the country to give them long-lasting, ergonomically-correct surface solutions. By preparing a surface on which anyone can play different sports, you're avoiding the expense of paying for the construction of larger or multiple courts.

X CRAFT multi-use courts are safe and ergonomic for training athletes and casual players. By giving people more game and sports options, we can encourage team sports that build necessary life and social skills, such as teamwork, sportsmanship, work ethic and accountability.

The multi-use court construction can be customized to fit the needs, property, and budget of all clients. Make your property or park the center of sports activity with multi-use court construction by the craftspeople at X CRAFT.

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