Basketball Court Construction Services

Concrete Basketball Courts

X CRAFT delivers basketball court construction for homes, schools, public parks, and private training facilities. Our team of concrete contractors and artisans put together a line of customizable sports courts and outdoor games that are safe on bodies, cost-effective, and stylish!

Backyard Basketball Court Installation

X CRAFT's Basketball Court Construction Process

Building the basketball court of your dreams starts with looking at the site and space you have. Preparing a hard, flat surface made of concrete is how the X CRAFT team starts both indoor and outdoor basketball court construction. Our concrete contractors excavate, level, grade, and move any subsurface infrastructure to get the site ready for the base material.

"Base material" is the element that sits below your basketball court's surface; the right one depends on your property conditions, but reinforced concrete is the ideal solution. The X CRAFT team will build our basketball courts on top of four-inch thick concrete with rebar reinforcements. The concrete has 3500 PSI, which is the ideal strength for withstanding all sports traffic and stay maintenance-free. Concrete can be the surface itself, but X CRAFT clients can choose a surface material that lets players go for longer!


What Is The Best Surface For A Basketball Court?

Concrete basketball court construction is the ideal solution for many X CRAFT customers on a budget. These are a long-lasting solution, and with the proper mix and pour, the final sports court surface won't need a lot of maintenance. Asphalt is another popular choice, but it can deteriorate quickly from freeze-thaw cycles; it will require a lot more maintenance than concrete. 

Concrete is a cost-effective option that we can custom-design for any client, but we provide more ergonomically-correct surface choices for them, too! On top of concrete, every X CRAFT basketball court option can come with four surface options: rubber, artificial grass, asphalt, and polypropylene. We've partnered with VersaCourt to make the ideal basketball surface for families, teams, and recreational players. 

VersaCourt is a patented interlocking court tile system. We use it to create a strong, even surface with great ball bounce and flexibility for more intense basketball games. VersaCourt tiles are ¾” thick, increasing shock absorption and reducing fatigue so that athletes can play better for longer. X CRAFT's partnership with VersaCourt tiles can give more design options for indoor and outdoor basketball court construction projects. We can customize the surface colours, designs, and lines to make the final product a multi-use court for everyone!


What Is The Best Size For A Basketball Court?

X CRAFT can construct basketball courts to be any size, giving you, your team, or the public space to enjoy casual games. While a regulation basketball court is 94 x 50 feet, we can customize the court to meet the needs of you or the athletes using the surface.

We can set up a small backyard or indoor basketball court floor that gives you more than enough space to practice any time of day, helping you hone your skills. The X CRAFT Half-Court Basketball Court is ideal for 3-on-3 and games like Bump, Around The World, and Horse. We provide them in a wide range of colours, and can even feature the Jordan brand logo.

X CRAFT's indoor and outdoor basketball court construction solutions have supported different clients. Our concrete contractor and design teams have built courts for homes, given school teams the court they need to train, and created public courts that bring the public together. On a base of concrete, you have so many options from which to choose - talk to X CRAFT today to see how we can help you!

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