Municipal Concrete & Public Works Installations

Municipality Concrete Services

X CRAFT offers a wide variety of outdoor products for municipalities looking to add design and versatility to their public spaces. Our artisans proudly work with community centers, parks, recreation departments, and other keepers of the communities across the country to provide municipal recreation solutions. The full line of X CRAFT products uses durable materials to create outdoor furniture, sports equipment, and urban accessories that are reliable, long-lasting, and comfortable!

Municipal Concrete & Urban Designs

Making Liveable Public Spaces

X CRAFT has coordinated a range of specialist street furniture solutions that work for the public. Municipalities around Canada can incorporate our seating systems into their urban designs, making them more desirable to the public. We also revitalize local parks, and X CRAFT's team can design the right modern solutions for public parks, playgrounds, and schools in a way that draws people together.

We also create unique, fresh takes on bus shelters, bollards (protective posts), planters, and public cycle stands. Our collection offers a wide range of unique, detailed products that contrast with standard designs seen throughout the industry. Optional features in these architectural designs include lighting, display panels, integrated seating, and solar technology. We can also provide municipalities with illuminated cycle racks and waiting shelters that give greater visibility to the area for increased safety and security.

X CRAFT extends this care and attention to detail even to our trash bins. X CRAFT Urban Furniture offers an extensive range of public litter bins and recycling systems designed to cope with the demands of even the busiest urban setting. Our attractive and diverse selection can be made with stainless steel, concrete and corten steel. We also include a selection of fixing systems and corporate branding to ensure the perfect design for any project.


Custom Municipal Concrete Services

Giving The People More Recreation Options

In founder Amko's home country of Germany, sports aren't just a part of everyday life - they're a part of the public infrastructure! Courts and recreational areas can accommodate a wide variety of activities, letting Germans get active and feel healthy. The people can do the activities they love - outside with others in a space that doesn't cost money to enjoy!

X CRAFT sports courts come in five different surface materials appropriate for sports: concrete, rubber, artificial grass, asphalt, and polyurethane. These are safe and ergonomic for athletes to train on, and encourage important life and social skill like teamwork, sportsmanship, work ethic and accountability. You bring the players, we'll bring the courts.


German Ideas, Canadian Designs

X CRAFT brings a touch of Germany and a lot of Canada to every product. German city planners design open urban environments for the public to enjoy and use for recreation. It's more than just public parks - it's the places people walk to work or take their lunch, to give more options when we're done being indoors. Why be stuck in our homes or the office?

Help the public get outside with X CRAFT. We design high-quality solutions that encourage the use of public spaces. Our inspiration starts with bringing the German sensibility to Canada while crafting everything locally and designing them for unique communities across the nation. Our artisans make all the products in our London, Ontario shop, expertly using an array of durable materials. These include wood, granite, quartz, stainless steel, and high-performance concrete.

We help municipalities across Canada improve their infrastructure with style and efficiency. Let our designs make your municipality a more inviting, more useful place!

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