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X CRAFT is a leading provider of glass fibre concrete designs for clients across Ontario, Canada, and North America. Our concrete contracting team uses this cutting-edge material in the making of high-quality, durable furniture and designs. Learn what glass fibre concrete is, what makes it so unique, and why you can trust it to bring your ideal concrete project to life!

Custom Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Designs

What Is Glass Fibre Concrete?

Glass fibre concrete is a type of reinforced concrete that uses plastic-glass fibres embedded in the mix. These high-strength glass fibres keep their physical and chemical identities, combining to produce durable properties that the materials can not achieve with either of the components acting alone. Rather than requiring steel mesh or rebar for reinforcement, glass fibre concrete relies on these additives to stop cracking and breakage.

Normally, fibres made from glass would not survive concrete, which is very alkaline due to the use of Portland cement; what we use must be a special alkali-resistant material to help the concrete carry the tensile loads. The matrix created by the polymer and concrete binds the fibres together to help them transfer loads. Without this chemistry, glass fibre reinforced concrete designs could not be as light, thin, and strong as we need them to be!

By adding glass fibres of around 10% by volume, the concrete's tensile and flexural strength are improved, helping projects made from glass fibre concrete resist any forces that bend or pull the concrete apart. The glass fibres and the high polymer content give unique properties that are essential to a long-lasting concrete project. The resistance to tensile forces is improved by a factor of two, and the concrete is ten times more resistant to impacts. All this comes with a reduced thickness because there's no need for steel reinforcing, helping glass fibre concrete projects weigh much less than pre-cast concrete!

You'll see it called "glass fibre reinforced concrete" or GFRC. GFRC has been used in recent decades to produce many ornamental concrete projects like planters, urban furniture, custom designs, concrete panels, countertops, and even domes. These are just the beginning of the possibilities for glass fibre concrete designs!

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Wiesbaden large bench

Quality Glass Fibre Concrete Installation

Where Can Glass Fibre Concrete Be Used?

Glass fibre concrete is a unique composite material that makes many X CRAFT products light and durable. There is a wide range of glass fibre reinforced concrete projects, including ornamental products like planters and other forms of urban furniture. We can colour GFRC, too, letting X CRAFT clients choose the perfect addition to their indoor or outdoor design schemes.

One place that uses glass fibre reinforced concrete projects is public spaces. Parks, common areas, and gardens all use urban furniture and accents made from GFRC because they need their pieces to withstand two forces: nature and humans. When mixed properly, the final glass fibre concrete designs can resist a lot of pressure from the public, lowering maintenance and replacement costs!

How Casting Glass Fibre Concrete Projects Works

Casting glass fibre concrete designs is a process very similar to reinforced concrete. Because this form of concrete is typically lighter than conventional material, it allows for larger concrete sections. It also goes a lot more quickly: with high early strength, a glass fibre project can be cast and taken out of the mould faster than other concrete projects, even as fast as 24 hours after pouring.

There are just as many options for ornamental glass fibre concrete designs as others; we cast many using white cement and light colour tints, but different colours are easy to use. X CRAFT concrete contractors can use stone, brick, steel, or wood to create the piece, allowing for the shrinkage characteristics of the different materials.

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