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Recreational & Custom Concrete Surfaces

X CRAFT is London, Ontario's most original concrete contractor, offering a range of unique concrete services for many different types of clients. Our team has years of expertise working in concrete services, making projects that range from simple shapes and accessories to complex designs using decorative concrete for added depth and colour. 

Whether it's a commercial, residential, municipal, or recreational project, the X CRAFT team can deliver it to your exact specifications. Our mission is to bring authentic German engineering that can withstand Canada's varied climate to every design, crafting durable concrete forms that connect beauty with strength.


X CRAFT Is London's Top Commercial Concrete Contractor

X CRAFT has the equipment and resources necessary to undertake and complete commercial concrete services of almost any type and size. We have worked with industries as varied as hospitality, high-end housing units, and municipal governments to meet their concrete contracting needs and accomplish their budgetary goals. 

As a commercial concrete contractor, X CRAFT can craft high-quality benches, gazebos, planting boxes, and any other custom element for a business or organization. Our team of craftspeople uses many different elements, forms, colours, patterns and textures to deliver the ideal concrete product for the space in question.

Trust X CRAFT For Your Municipal & Residential Concrete Designs

X CRAFT's residential concrete contractors can design a wide range of durable elements for the home and garden. Our team can configure the X CRAFT line of modular units to fit your landscaping and yard needs, linking combinations of seats, benches, and planters to make outdoor concrete elements that are unparalleled in the industry. 

Not only can we enhance your landscaping, but we can turn any backyard into the sports arena of one's dreams. X CRAFT uses decorative concrete to give our customers more options for their home sports projects. Enjoy individual and team sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, ball hockey, and volleyball in the convenience of your own backyard with our residential concrete contractor services!

Custom Municipal & Recreational Concrete Designs Across Ontario

One of X CRAFT's main objectives is to make public spaces attractive again, and concrete is the perfect medium. Our team has proven itself to be the ideal municipal concrete contractor for towns and cities, offering a wide variety of outdoor products for community-focused customers looking to bring versatility and style to their public spaces. 

Hechingen urban planter with bench. Jpg

The full line of X CRAFT products includes many fresh takes on popular pieces of infrastructure: bus shelters, bollards (protective posts), planters, public cycle stands, and more options that combine decorative concrete with materials like stainless steel and corten steel. Our municipal concrete contracting services use only the most durable and properly-mixed type of concrete to create reliable, long-lasting, and comfortable outdoor furniture and concrete designs!

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Service Areas

X CRAFT operates at all scales and levels of governance throughout North America, and we can come up with the right solution for your urban design, commercial, or residential needs.

Our team does all of the design work and craftsmanship in our London, Ontario workshop. Combining German designs with Canadian production lets us stay close to our roots and improve the community which has supported our work.

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