Urban Furniture Designers

Urban Furniture Concepts

X CRAFT delivers a comprehensive line of urban furniture solutions to customers across Canada. We do all the design and craftsmanship in London, Ontario, workshop using eco-friendly materials hand-selected by our experts. Clients ranging from homeowners to commercial enterprises to municipal governments come to us for customized urban furniture that meets their exact needs!

What Is Urban Furniture?

Urban furniture is a term that refers to any furniture found in public or semi-public spaces. What comes to mind are tables, playing surfaces, benches, and other seats, but urban furniture can be so much more: planters, bike racks, bus stops, bollards, tree grilles, and other types of accents and forms. You can categorize them based on functions like rest, shelter, illumination, play, and more!

Because of the environment and their intended function, pieces of urban furniture are most often fixed or semi-fixed in place. If the furniture is carefully designed and customized using durable materials, it can allow anyone on public property to enjoy a more comfortable, more inviting experience. Walks through public areas like streets, sidewalks, paths, parks, and gardens are always improved by how the inorganic parts of the experience fit in with their surroundings!

More than anything, urban furniture can improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of a city. Attractive, strong urban furniture is one of the defining features of city life in Germany, as reflected in the X CRAFT line of benches. Now, our team is bringing this sensibility to clients across Ontario, Canada, and North America.

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