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X CRAFT believes that courts should be designed as places for families and communities to come together and that any backyard can be turned into a sports arena. In homes, at schools, in communities or at sporting events, we do more than build champions: we bring people together, no matter what sport you play! The artisans of X CRAFT have put together an amazing line of customizable sports courts and outdoor games that are stylish and safe!

Games & Sports Products

In Germany, the birthplace of our founder, sports like football (better known as soccer here) aren't just a way of life for big fans - they're a key part of everyone's life. Multi-use playing surfaces are part of the daily infrastructure, and they give Germans of all ages opportunities to make exercise a daily activity.


Making Liveable Public Spaces

X CRAFT wants to take this tradition to Canada. By getting out on our courts, kids and adults alike are encouraged to learn important life and social skill like teamwork, sportsmanship, a good work ethic and accountability. Every option comes available in five surface materials:

  • Concrete
  • Rubber
  • Artificial grass
  • Asphalt
  • Polyurethane


X CRAFT is proudly working with schools, community centers, parks and recreation departments, hotels & resorts, and sports centers across Canada to provide reliable, long-lasting, comfortable, and commercial court solutions.

We have helped to revitalize public parks, given schools the courts they need, and created playgrounds that draw people together. Better yet, our courts work to fight childhood obesity while being safe and ergonomic surfaces on which athletes can train. Let us bring the courts - and you bring the players!

X CRAFT Ping Pong, Foosball, Cornhole & Bocce Ball

X CRAFT makes ping-pong and foosball tables, as well as cornhole boards, made from high-performance concrete. You'll see these tables at resorts, hotels, condos, parks, schools, and businesses, and you'll see them for a long time - we design these tables to last 50 to 100 years. The concrete is triple-reinforced and is solid with no hollow spots.

We can install the tables on any existing solid surfaces or grass. They feature regulation lines and offer low reflectivity so playing in the sun is easy. You can have the concrete dyed a standard green and grey, or put in a custom order of blue or black. These permanent concrete ping pong tables are built to last and provide hours of enjoyment for everyone.

X CRAFT's cornhole boards are crafted out of smooth concrete with an elevated slope. These games are a great addition to any park or recreational facility. We can add logos of your choice for an additional cost.

Bocce ball is a fun sport popular in local clubs, schools, for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, or just played for the fun of it! Players can be either out and indoors, making it perfect for everyone. The popularity of bocce ball has increased the demand for courts across Canada, especially for more serious competitors that need sized courts and approved equipment. X CRAFT can supply these courts, making them out of sustainable, durable materials!


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