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Bracket System for Decks

The XCraft Bracket System for Decks

A deck constructed using the XCRAFT brackets marries design, durability, and visual charm, elevating outdoor areas into stylish, functional spaces. The engineered bracket system not only simplifies installation, but also guarantees lasting resilience, backing our 25-year warranty.

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XCraft Brackets are Ideal for DIY and Professionals

Using the XCRAFT Bracket system for your deck project not only makes it simpler, but also quicker. The design's adaptability shines, whether you’re applying it to a deck, pergola, or fence. Professionals find as much as 35% decrease in installation time, with the added advantage of it being manageable by a single individual if need be. For both DIY and professionals, the XCRAFT system stands out as the best choice!

XCRAFT provides the most convenient way to adapt to any situation where space & configuration may present unique challenges

  • Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, and Reconfigure
  • Temporary Decks
  • Floating Decks
  • Perfect for Restaurants, Events, and Special Venues

Customize the Color of XCRAFT Brackets to Match Your Property's Aesthetic!!

With the XCRAFT system, you're not limited to just the classic black option; you can choose from a limitless array of colors to suit your taste! This level of colour customization allows you to integrate XCRAFT components into your outdoor space, matching your property and greatly enhancing the overall aesthetic of your backyard.

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