Multi-Use Courts

We think that any backyard can be turned into a sports arena, and that
game courts can be a safe place for families and communities to come
together. So, we set out to make every player feel like a starter. We encourage teamwork and a love for playing sports at every age. We promote fitness and healthy living no matter what level you play. And we’re helping families realize that the lessons learned on the court carry with them in life, too. In homes, at schools, in communities or at sporting
events, X CRAFT does more than build champions. We bring people together.
What we offer:
We can build all in one play court ( basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, volleyball), or individual.Are multi-sportcourts worth the investment?
Absolutely, and then some! As a company, we work to bring you more than a superior product. We want your families communities to truly enjoy and reap the rewards of having a high-performance court. So, here’s what you get with our courts. Your family/communitie will have opportunities to bond, get outside, exercise and play. KIds will have a safe place they can bring their friends and learn important life skills like teamwork, sportsmanship, social skills, and healthy living. Your athletes will be able to practice longer because our surfaces provide extra support to the joints and lower back to prevent injuries. You’ll have an outlet to reduce stress and get rid of excess energy. And those are just a few of the top benefits our courts offer. We also have the best price to performance
ratio, and our customer service is out ofthis world. So yes, without a doubt, our multi-sport
courts are well worth the investment. X CRAFT is proudly working with schools, community centers, parks & recreation centers hotels & resorts, and sport centers across the country to provide reliable, long-lasting, comfortable, commercial court solutions. We revitalize local parks. We offer schools court solutions and, we create playgrounds that draw people together. Better yet, our courts work to fight childhood obesity, are safe and ergonomic for athletes to train on, and encourage important life and social skill like teamwork, sportsmanship, a good work ethic and accountability. So, let us bring the courts, you bring the players.
We offer all courts in 5 different surfaces:
• Concrete
• Rubber
• Artificial grass
• Asphalt
• Polyurethane

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