Outdoor Concrete Furniture Products

Outdoor Concrete Furniture

X CRAFT Urban Furniture is a line of some of the most inspiring, original outdoor pieces on the market. We design our benches and tree grilles to bring the design and look of natural elements to residential gardens and public spaces. By working with us, we can configure these modular units to suit any space, linking combinations of seats, benches, cycle stands and planters.

Outdoor Furniture Products

You'll find everything you need and more in the X CRAFT line of benches. Using several different materials, many of these models can be custom-suited to your needs:

Tree Grilles & Public Works Designs

X CRAFT's architectural tree grille designs as part of a co-ordinated range of modern street furniture solutions. Tree Grilles can be supplied in a range of materials that include corten, stainless steel and powder-coated steel or pressure-treated wood. Our tree grille designs offer more than just protection, adding style to the urban landscape.

Natural Elements From Sustainable Sources

Our line of outdoor furniture designs draws inspiration from the natural world. The elements vary widely in forms, colours, patterns and textures, giving our team of artisans much inspiration you won't find anywhere else. We use steel, wood, aluminum, concrete, performance concrete, plastic, stainless steel, stone, granite, and quartz.

X CRAFT is proud to work with homeowners, municipalities, and commercial organizations to deliver custom urban furniture that meets their needs. We do all the design and craftsmanship in London while serving clients all over Canada.

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