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A live edge table is a great choice for when you are looking to add a custom-made piece that uniquely preserves the characteristics of a tree. X Craft's harvest live edge tables make use of massive slabs of real wood for the surface, placing these pieces on secure bases made from durable materials. The result is a beautiful table that's perfect for homes, offices, and restaurants!

You can recognize live edge wood through the irregular edges. These edges were the skin, and when a carpenter mills the wood, they expose the heart and sapwood of the tree. Preserving the bark edge captures the full saga of the tree. With Mother Nature doing the heavy design work, all the X Craft team has to do is protect the wood's strength and character. Our clients get a custom live edge table that looks beautiful in any setting.

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You can buy harvest live edge tables, custom-made to fit your needs, from X Craft. Our team makes high-quality live edge harvest tables using local, salvaged, and ethically-sourced wood. Atop our custom-crafted and firm foundations, X Craft has a tremendous variety of custom live edge tables available in many different lengths. 

These tables are suitable for indoor dining rooms, outdoor patios, or wherever else you might want to host large gatherings. Whether you're looking to impress clients in the boardroom or entertain a large group, we have the processes and materials to give you the harvest live edge table of your dreams.

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