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Building An Affordable Multi-Use Sports Court: How To Get Started

A high-quality playing surface does not have to be expensive, and we’re here to dispel any misconceptions you may have about the affordability of a multi-use sports court. Whether you’re a family, a community organization, or are on a strict budget, everyone deserves to play! The cost to build a multi-use sports court will depend …

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5 Benefits Of Concrete Furniture On Commercial Properties

Are you looking to add some extra aesthetics and functionality to your commercial property? Concrete furniture makes for a beautiful addition to any landscaping plan. It’s not just charm, though – here are five benefits of adding concrete furniture to a commercial property!

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New Sports Court Construction

Sports court and sports field construction should be available to more people, and X CRAFT is making this happen. We are a recreational concrete contractor, with projects ranging from basketball, tennis, and multi sport game courts projects to sports field construction. Our team handles both the building of new sports courts and the resurfacing of …

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What Is VersaCourt?

X CRAFT is proud to have VersaCourt as a new partner for our multi-use sports courts. We use their tiles to make durable playing surfaces ideal for private and public usage. Take it from us: their tiles live up to the “versatile” in VersaCourt!

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