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What Is VersaCourt?

X CRAFT is proud to have VersaCourt as a new partner for our multi-use sports courts. We use their tiles to make durable playing surfaces ideal for private and public usage. Take it from us: their tiles live up to the “versatile” in VersaCourt!

What Is The VersaCourt Tile System?

Versacourt x craft website imageX CRAFT partnered with VersaCourt because of their amazing line of sports tiles. Their products bring innovative design and impeccable construction quality, while the centralized construction helps keep X CRAFT’s sports court costs as low as possible.

All their sports tiles are moulded from a specially blended high impact Copolymer Polypropylene that protects against fracturing during intense gameplay. There are three types of VersaCourt tiles: Game Outdoor, Speed Outdoor and Compete court tiles:

  • Game outdoor court tiles are for outdoor multi-sport applications. 
  • The Speed Outdoor court tile system was designed and developed for outdoor inline hockey, roller sports, and multi-sport applications.
  • Compete courts provide a safe, durable, high-performance surface for indoor sports. 

While there are three types, you can choose from a selection of more than a dozen colours, or ask us about customization and logos, too! Clients can use one court made with VersaCourt tiles for many different sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, and more. It’s just one of the many advantages of using VersaCourt to make X CRAFT multi-use courts!


The Advantages Of VersaCourt Tiles

Versacourt x craft website imageOne advantage of the VersaCourt system is the interlocking mechanisms used to put the tiles together. Each tile has six locking points that click together to keep the tile flat and prevent parts from curling up at the sides. The innovative tile design creates a seamless playing surface that also provides a consistent ball bounce and unmatched playability. 

The best part is that, even though VersaCourt is an American company, its tiles can handle Canada’s wild weather swings. You can expect to get 25-30 years out of your court before any repairs will be necessary. The surfaces are protected by UV stabilizers and antioxidant additives to prevent colour fade and deterioration, and a VersaCourt multi-use court is up to 50% cooler than an asphalt surface.

This isn’t the only way VersaCourt sports tiles make sports more comfortable! The tiles protect the joints of athletes, regardless of their age or skill level. The tiles have Reverse Spring Tension expansion joints and spring-tabbing mechanisms to improve the ability for slight side-to-side movement along the playing surface. With some added gentle vertical flex, X CRAFT sports courts are very forgiving on the lower backs, knees, and joints!

The X CRAFT/VersaCourt multi-use courts have higher durability and lower maintenance needs than ordinary asphalt or other tile systems, making them ideal for both public and private needs. All you require to clean the surface is a hose, broom, or leaf blower!

The X CRAFT team is excited to bring VersaCourt’s innovative tile system to backyards, gyms, and public parks across Canada. Contact us for more information!

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