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What Is The Process For Outdoor Furniture Design?

Designing a unique range of outdoor furniture is one of the main features of X CRAFT. What goes into the process? When designing outdoor furniture – whether it’s for commercial, residential, and municipal clients – our team considers three points: materials, aesthetics, and value.

Materials: Choosing The Right Elements

Outdoor furniture x craft website imageThe materials we use to make our furniture is the most important factor for our outdoor designs. Many companies use elements like eucalyptus, wicker, and synthetic resin when constructing their products, choosing cost at the expense of long-term use and comfort. In some climates and outdoor situations, these materials might be fine, but they aren’t suitable for long-term needs. We make our parts from durable materials like treated wood, steel, and concrete and combine them in ways that meet customer needs for many years. 

We also know how to use materials you may not be familiar with; for example, when concrete is the ideal material but must be cast very thin, we use a special concrete called glass fibre-reinforced concrete. This is concrete mixed with tiny glass fibres that create a matrix that adds strength to the material.

The elements that make up our line of benches, tables, and planters must suit everything thrown at them: foot traffic, regional weather patterns, and exposure to unnatural elements like road salt. Because our team designs and constructs everything in-house, we can choose the right materials for every context.


Aesthetics: Designing The Elements

The material is necessary for helping the furniture retain its structural integrity and appearance throughout the seasons. Once we determine what special materials we’ll use, the team must figure out how to use them so that the seats, supports, and shelters of our outdoor furniture look pleasing to the eye, too. Before we cast the concrete, cut the wood, or shape the steel, we must 

The look of outdoor furniture is entirely subjective, of course, and largely depends on the wants of a customer and the space they are trying to fill. Clean lines and classic colours look good in any setting, but if you have some new ideas, talk to us!


Value: A Lifetime Of Use

Outdoor furnitureDesigning outdoor furniture is more than the look of it – we also consider how to maximize the product’s life. While we can consider this while choosing the materials and aesthetics, value is also a factor. Outdoor furniture must be prepared and finished so that maintenance is simple and the structural integrity lasts a long time. 

High-quality outdoor furniture is easy to maintain. Purchasing high-quality products might cost a bit more upfront, but they impart their worth for decades to come. Low-quality furniture can be easily damaged just through day-to-day use; when in the face of weather or even intentional damage, it can’t hold up. 

Customers should not have to go with the cheapest options for outdoor furniture. The cheap materials are lightweight, flimsy, and need a lot of extra work and protection. X CRAFT’s design process ensures that everything that goes into our furniture is of the highest quality, easy to maintain, and perfect for all users.

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