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The Three Core Values Of The X CRAFT Construction Team

Integrity is essential for businesses, and it’s the foundation for X CRAFT’s continued success. This is why we make sure that every member of our construction team knows and follows our Core Values. This way, clients and customers experience an unparalleled level of quality and integrity! 

Our construction team’s three Core Values are Innovation, Quality Craftsmanship, and Meeting the Client’s Exact Needs. Here’s how they put them to work for every X CRAFT customer!


X craft x craft website imageInnovation has always been a key to X CRAFT’s success. Since our founding, we’ve used innovative construction techniques to combine our urban designs and outdoor furniture options into comfortable, safe, and affordable pieces. This is why our construction team makes innovation a Core Value!

When our team of craftspeople has to come up with a design solution, they don’t take the easy way out: they’ll innovate a piece that makes it all your own! It’s how we can bring pieces that are popular in Germany and make them ideal for the Canadian urban landscape.

Quality Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves in making only the best design solutions. This focus on the quality of our craftsmanship helps our construction team guarantee the delivery of sophisticated urban designs and decor options for homes, businesses, and public spaces. We are also careful to choose sources that are environmentally-conscious, giving “quality” an extra important meaning!

Everything we make uses high-quality supplies, including natural materials like stone, quartz, and hardwood to durable, manmade elements like concrete and steel. No matter what the material X craft x craft website imageis or where it comes from, the X CRAFT team has a direct connection to it at every stage of creation. This helps us maintain complete control over the craftsmanship and integrity of the final product.

One of the keys to quality craftsmanship is keeping the design and construction to one location; this way, we know that goes in and what comes out of our workshop is up to the X CRAFT standard. We do all our designing and craft the majority of our furniture in our London, Ontario workshop.

Meeting The Client’s Exact Needs

X craft x craft website imageX CRAFT makes beautiful products for the inspired lifestyle. But we understand that different people find inspiration in different designs and materials. This is why meeting the exact needs our all our clients is a Core Value at X CRAFT. By stressing the importance of this value, our construction team will always be able to rise to the challenge. 

By making extra considerations for the client’s needs a Core Value, we make sure that no corners are ever cut in the construction and delivery of every product. Before delivery and assembly, we put every X CRAFT product through a rigorous examination process to make sure it’s exactly what the client ordered. 

These guiding principles have served our construction team and business very well since our founding. Let X CRAFT use them to serve you, too!


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