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New Sports Court Construction

Sports court and sports field construction should be available to more people, and X CRAFT is making this happen. We are a recreational concrete contractor, with projects ranging from basketball, tennis, and multi sport game courts projects to sports field construction. Our team handles both the building of new sports courts and the resurfacing of older playing areas!


What Is A Sports Court Made From?


Sports court construction starts with base preparation; a rectangular permanent base made from a solid material like concrete or asphalt. A proper base keeps the playing surface solid, and using concrete sports courts can be a budget-friendly, maintenance-free approach for games on an outdoor sports surface such as basketball.

Many indoor sports courts are then covered with a surface appropriate to the conditions, one that improves safety and reduces the impact play can have on an athlete’s body. However, the surface materials have

improved, and more outdoor courts can be finished with a safer top layer. X CRAFT offers five different surfaces for all our sports courts:

  • Concrete
  • Rubber
  • Asphalt
  • Polyurethane
  • ¬†Artificial grass

Once the sports court construction is complete, the X CRAFT team adds the specific design options for the client. If you have a single-use surface – say, tennis courts or basketball courts – we will add the proper lines with precision. For those who want multi-use sports courts, we can add blended lines to accommodate the different options. Add to this adjustable equipment and accessories, and you’re ready to play half court, hit the ball around, and enjoy your surface!


How Does VersaCourt Impact Game Courts Construction?

One innovation X CRAFT offers for our courts is VersaCourt modular flooring sports tiles. This company offers flexible, stylish sports surfaces that provide extra ergonomic protection and shock absorption for athletes looking to train and players looking to have a fun game. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor sports court construction projects, letting the X CRAFT team offer custom designs and easier installation for all our clients using the space they have.

VersaCourt sports tiles are an innovative and patented solution designed to give more people the ability to have the ideal sports court for their needs. Ever dreamed of backyard basketball courts? Now people can play their favorite sports, ranging from basketball to tennis and shuffleboard, and they can play them almost anywhere! Everyone can enjoy the optimal ball bounce, ball response, flexibility, and safety provided by a concrete sports court constructed with VersaCourt-manufactured tiles.


X CRAFT Sports Court Construction Makes It Easier To Have Fun

X CRAFT is dedicated to sports field construction, too, and our team can install the right sports turf for all kinds of sports fields. We’ve given public parks, schools, and recreational facilities a cost-effective solution that works within the space they have. With artificial grass laid on top of a flat, solid concrete slab foundation, you can turn any surface into a sports field worthy of play all year long.

Concrete sports grounds provide a durable, maintenance-free foundation on which to build a beautiful sports field. It’s the ideal material for hardcourt tennis, outdoor basketball, and many other sports. Our innovative design solutions can work with the unique layout of residential, commercial, and public areas.

In Germany, sports like football aren’t just a way of life for big fans – they’re a part of everyone’s life. Multi-use sports court construction is a big deal, and public playing surfaces are ordinary parts of the infrastructure. Now, X CRAFT is bringing this devotion to Canadian athletes of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels! Please contact our team today for more information about our services.


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