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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Sport Court?

X CRAFT sports courts are affordable because of the material and construction methods we use. The final cost will depend on a variety of factors, with size being one of the more obvious: the larger the sports court, the pricier the project. Did you know a full basketball court measures 94 by 50 feet? That is 4,700 square feet! 

Not every backyard has this kind of space, which is why X CRAFT offers half-court systems and custom-sized multi-court projects. But more factors will affect the final price. Knowing every part that goes into a sports court, whether it’s for a public park, a private backyard, or a school athletic complex, helps our customers price out the right system for their needs. 

Sport x craft website imagePre-Court Preparation

To start your project, our team needs a flat, hard surface on which to build the sports court. Some sites will need more work than others when preparing the property; getting the area on which the court will be built solid and level includes tasks like excavating, levelling and grading, and any changes to infrastructure that may run underneath the grass or dirt. 

The larger space on which we build the court, the more work you will need to put into the preparation. It’s why two otherwise identical courts can differ in the price – if there is a lot of land to excavate and grade, the building costs will be higher than a court installed on a flat yard.


The Surface Type

The kind of court surface you’d like also affects the final price. We offer our clients courts made from concrete, rubber, artificial grass, asphalt, and VersaCourt tiles. Once you have chosen the surface for your sports court project, X CRAFT can price it out for you. If you need help deciding, our team can show you which options are best for your court, taking into account the needs, property, and climate trends of your region.

The surface material you choose will impact how we install the court – the installation and painting of lines usually take one to two days. Some materials will need different subsurface materials than others; if you have a concrete base on which to install VersaCourt tile, you will not need the same subsurface preparations of an asphalt sports court.

Xcraft-tennis-ball-body-imageSports Equipment

You’ll need equipment to play sports on your court, and we include them to make the surface fit all your needs. These include parts like basketball hoops, containment nets, and even lighting. The type and amount of components for your backyard court will depend on your specific needs. A municipal sports court designed for many sports will have parts to accommodate volleyball, basketball, and tennis, making the installation different from that of a backyard half-court made for basketball.

The X CRAFT Advantage: Affordable Sport Courts Whatever Your Space!

One of the advantages of X CRAFT is that we have honed our skills, using the installation processes and materials that keep our costs low. It’s what makes us different from other contractors, one that can help everyone from municipalities to families get the sports courts they need. Talk to our team about your surface wants and space, and we’ll show you how we can make the sports court of your dreams meet your budget reality!


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