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How Does VersaCourt Technology Work?

One of the many reasons X CRAFT clients are choosing VersaCourt sports tiles is that the playing surfaces are ergonomic, reducing the impact and physical stress on joints. The high-impact, shock-absorbent surfaces also allow players to keep going for longer. How does this work?

It starts with their manufacturing choices. VersaCourt uses the most advanced engineering technology available on the market today to create its playing surface tiles, and you’ll see the difference as soon as you step onto one of our sports courts!


What Goes Into A VersaCourt Tile?

VersaCourt moulds their tiles from a specially blended, high-impact Copolymer Polypropylene, which protects against fracturing during intensive play. UV stabilizers and anti-oxidant additives Versacourt x craft website imageincluded in the material defends against colour fade and tile deterioration. The tiles have an open-grid design that lets the sports court drain and dry quickly after rain, snowmelt, and pressure washing. For any court exposed to the sun, the tiles keep in about half as much heat as standard asphalt.

Athletes will also find benefits in how the tiles fit together. The interlocking mechanism uses six separate locking points on each tile, letting them click together, keep the tile flat, and prevent any tiles from turning or curling up. Multi-directional flex technology uses expansion joints and a spring tabbing mechanism between the basketball and tennis court tiles. 

VersaCourt makes all their tiles 10” x 10” because a lot of research and development showed that this is the best size tile for durability and sports performance. Their innovative design offers one of the most consistent playing surfaces on the market, allowing for incredible ball response and unmatched playability. To guarantee this quality, VersaCourt makes every tile using proprietary injection moulding presses. This cuts down on production time and ensures that every tile comes out with the same size and features.


What Are The Advantages Of VersaCourt Technology?

The carefully-made engineering choices improve how athletes play on sports surfaces and how they feel after! The surface features allow better side-to-side movement and absorb more shock than a typical concrete court, being more forgiving and reducing the impact on an athlete’s back and joints during a game of basketball or tennis. 

The stress-relieving features also let athletes play better for longer. Every tile has a 3/4″ thick, shock-absorbing, suspended surface that reduces playing fatigue. Players will find that VersaCourt tiles provide better ball bounce for exceptional game performance, too! 

VersacourtBut the technology also makes it easier for homeowners and facilities on a budget bring in a stylish, custom-designed X CRAFT court. VersaCourt tiles provide more options for adding a court to a backyard, and the features make installation as easy as possible. We use our expertise to survey your property and talk with you to identify the best court set-up for your family or organization. Once we’ve finished this preparation process, we get the subsurface ready and handle the entire installation, delivering a court that is ready to play on almost as soon as it is on the ground.

Quick installation, ergonomic surfaces, stylish designs – what’s not to love about VersaCourt technology? X CRAFT uses their tiles to make it possible for every athlete, regardless of age, skillset, and level of dedication to get outside and play their favourite sport more often. Get in touch to see how we can make your dream sports court a reality!

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