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Our Five Most Popular Pieces of Outdoor Furniture

From the initial designs to the final installation, X CRAFT does a lot of things differently. Breaking past traditional furniture design, our wide range of styles work for a variety of clients. From homeowners looking to spruce up their garden to people in the luxury furniture world to municipal governments looking to upgrade public spaces, our team makes something for everyone! 

Some of our outdoor furniture, however, is more popular than others. Here are five customer favourites of outdoor furniture, and they are perfect for public parks or private backyards.

The Essen Bench

You’ll notice that we have a wide selection of benches (whose names reveal our company’s roots in Germany!). One of the most popular models is the Essen Bench, and it’s a reflection of this German city’s complex personality: it combines industrial looks (concrete) with organic life (Essen is now a leader in green technology!). We craft the Essen Bench by combining a full piece of cedar, modern concrete blocks, and a planter box for an added touch of green with a planter box. These seats are a great addition to any area where you need outdoor seating – and a little greenery.

Outdoor furniture - essen bench

The Mainz Bench

Another popular bench choice, the Mainz Bench, uses only one material: concrete. The reputation of concrete is on the upswing now, and many people understand how it can be used to make ultramodern designs; its durability also makes it ideal for outdoor use! Our team shapes the Mainz Bench out of concrete for an original, contemporary look. It’s a statement piece that offers functionality with a modern edge!

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Hagen Bench and Gazebo

Most urban landscapes focus on function, with a little style thrown in as an afterthought. The X CRAFT team is trying to change that, and one of our most popular solutions is the Hagen Bench. It’s a gazebo and seating system that is ideal for a larger open space where shelter is at a premium. Many municipalities have added the Hagen Bench to walkways or paths, offering a shady place to sit for anyone on foot!

Outdoor furniture - hagen bench

Tree Grills

Trees need stylish protection, too, and X CRAFT’s architectural tree grille designs have become one of the most popular models in our range of modern street furniture. We make tree grilles in a Furniture x craft website imagewide range of materials, including corten, stainless steel and powder-coated steel or pressure-treated wood. These materials can withstand harsh elements and keep the tree from being damaged by foot or road traffic, city wildlife, and vandals. The X CRAFT tree grille designs offer more than protection, though – they add a lot of style to any urban environment!



The Modern Outdoor Furniture Collection

Furniture x craft website imageIt’s not just furniture for the streets or garden – X CRAFT makes a stylish line of outdoor furniture that’s perfect for your back patio, too. We’re a curator of taste and design within the luxury lifestyle market, and our timeless collections include updated classics and authentic, handcrafted reproductions, providing homeowners with a unique point of view and a combination of inspired design and unparalleled quality.

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