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5 Benefits Of Concrete Furniture On Commercial Properties

Are you looking to add some extra aesthetics and functionality to your commercial property? Concrete furniture makes for a beautiful addition to any landscaping plan. It’s not just charm, though – here are five benefits of adding concrete furniture to a commercial property!

Concrete Furniture Fully Customizable

Concrete furnitureThe X CRAFT design team has many options when working with precast concrete. We can make unique geometric and organic forms, use earthy or bright concrete colours, choose unique aggregate materials to include in the concrete mix and incorporate additional design details or material components. The final texture of the concrete surface can even simulate other materials like wood grain. 

To top it off, our team can use concrete staining, integral colour (a colour added to the concrete mix before installation), or both options, giving the client outdoor furniture in almost any decorative tone they want!


Concrete Furniture Is Durable

If you want outdoor furniture that lasts, nothing stands up to the elements like properly-mixed and reinforced concrete. Through rain, snow, ice, or extreme heat, a piece of concrete furniture can survive many seasons intact with very little maintenance. It is also resistant to fire, decay, rust, rot, insect infestations, and other problems that eat away at other materials!

Many X CRAFT pieces use a specially reinforced version called glass fibre concrete (GFC). GFC gets its reinforcement from alkaline-resistant glass fibres, which give the concrete much higher flexural strength. Because it doesn’t rely on bulky reinforcements like steel rebar, our team can design outdoor furniture pieces with GFC that are thin and stylish while not sacrificing the piece’s strength or durability. 


Concrete Is Adaptable With Other Materials

Concrete’s versatility has been a real gift for those who use it to make furniture. It can take on different colours and textures, and we can use it with other elements like wood and steel. This way, we can offer many more designs and moulds for our clients, turning their wishes for outdoor design into reality. If you have regular employees who enjoy the outdoor space you provide, you can add cushions to make concrete very comfortable!


Concrete Is A Sustainable, Low-Cost Material

Concrete furnitureConcrete is a sustainable choice for many reasons. It doesn’t require harsh chemicals to clean, the durability means that it won’t need to be replaced nearly as often as other materials, and concrete is made from only three simple materials (four if we’re counting GFC) which can be recycled into other projects! 

Concrete is also very affordable compared with many of the other furniture materials available. Its durability and low maintenance costs help commercial property owners to save money on maintaining the outdoor furniture in the long run. The concrete feature you add to your commercial property will, with simple care, stay in great shape for decades! 


The Aesthetic Appeals To Everyone!

The final benefit brings us back to the beginning: the aesthetic appeal of concrete furniture can benefit your business well beyond impressing customers and potential clients. Having well-designed landscaping can boost morale and productivity, and staff or tenants are more likely to enjoy their surroundings if they approve of their environment and the pieces of furniture available to them!

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