Our Philosophy

Before XCRAFT was founded, there was an inventor, designer, and entrepreneur who knew that there was a way to do things better. 

Inspired by the functionality and elegance of German design, Amko Sefic, founder of XCRAFT, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, steadfast in his belief that there is always room for improvement and innovation and, through that, a way to create spaces that are more conducive to human connection and our total wellbeing.

Our Custom Outdoor Modular Decking Systems & Supplies

The XCRAFT Difference

Amko's belief is infused in all of XCRAFT's products, guiding us as we continue to flourish and grow. With no better place to start than our backyards and gathering spaces, XCRAFT proudly specializes in customized, modular decking, built with premium materials so you too can create spaces that leave you feeling connected, relaxed, and inspired. 

AMKO Sefic X Craft Deisgn


At XCRAFT, we champion equality and the proliferation of opportunities for all. We hold firm the belief that a diverse chorus of voices and experiences amplifies the value we provide to our clients. Our goal is to foster a team as diverse as the society it mirrors, one that embraces all members without exception. This, we believe, is the key to our team's strength.

Superior Decking Products made in London Ontario

Our components are versatile, customizable, and easy to use, making any deck layout and project possible without having to hire a professional. Our decking systems are also perfect for both permanent and temporary needs, with an easy setup and take down process.

Our products are built to last and made of high-quality steel covered in weather-resistant coatings so you know you're in safe hands even in Canada's toughest weather conditions.

Custom Modular Deck Components Company


XCRAFT will repair or replace any defective product or components, provided that:

1) the product has been properly assembled, installed and maintained; and

2) it has been used only in accordance with its purpose.

Our warranties are calculated from the date of purchase evidenced by proof of purchase which is satisfactory to XCRAFT. The foregoing warranties extend only to original purchasers who acquire the product from XCRAFT. directly or from a seller of the products authorized by XCRAFT.

XCRAFT. will repair or replace, at its sole option, any defective product or component thereof provided the product has been properly assembled, installed and maintained and has been used only in accordance with all operating instructions relating to the product. No warranty is provided in the case of product damaged due to accident, abuse or use for other than intended purpose. Any attempt by personnel not authorized by Melnik Resources Ltd. to repair or modify the product or any part or parts thereof will render all warranties extended by XCRAFT. null and void.

Normal wear and tear, fading and natural variations in the colour or grain of any of the component parts of the product are not considered defects. In the case of products where paints and similar products are used, XCRAFT. does not warrant an absolute colour match in the event of any warranty work.

The responsibility of XCRAFT is limited exclusively to the foregoing and in no event is XCRAFT. to be held responsible for loss of time, inconvenience or commercial loss or incidental, circumstantial, or consequential damage or loss arising out of or in connection with the use or other dealing with the products.

To the extent allowed by law, XCRAFT. hereby expressly excludes any warranty other than as set out herein including, but not limited to, any warrant of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The foregoing warranty extends only to original purchasers who acquire the product from a properly authorized reseller.

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