Our Philosophy

X CRAFT is remaking how you think of design, both in the home and on the street. We commit to connecting design with those who seek it. Focusing on quality and contemporary design, we offer sophisticated community designs, home & office decor, and sports gear to create an inspired lifestyle and bring design back to our home and urban environments.

Our Furniture and Urban Design Studio

The X CRAFT Difference

What separates us from the competition is the sheer devotion we have to our craft. We focus on creating custom pieces perfectly suited to the space it's intended for. We communicate with our customers to get a feel for their exact needs and deliver on that!

We differentiate ourselves by handcrafting the majority of our furniture in an artisan workshop that we are proud to own and operate. We have direct touchpoints on every stage of creation, from the raw materials to the delivery of the final product to your home. This lets us maintain complete control over the craftsmanship and integrity of the product while offering clients the highest quality products at prices that will pleasantly surprise you!

Amko sefic x craft deisgn

German Craftsmanship made in London ONtairo

X CRAFT dedicates itself to making only the highest quality products on the market, and this means using only the best materials. We start by finding and sourcing these elements from places we know can provide the highest grade whenever possible. Using an array of materials, including stainless steel, quartz, and high-performance concrete, the X CRAFT collection features significantly different products to the standard designs seen in the industry. We're able to use a variety of materials in our products to bring out the designs our clients want with the durability they need. Though we source from around the world, we design and make everything right here in London.

Custom Concrete Company

Improving Community Spaces

The use and appreciation of community spaces are in decline. This affects more than just how often we see each other as people - it impacts how our children grow up and interact with each other and their community. In X CRAFT founder Amko's home country of Germany, the support means public spaces aren't just for walking to and from the shop, they are places to get together, improve sports skills and, most importantly, have fun. This commitment has fueled Germany's success in health and environmental goals while spending less on either - and their success in the Olympics relative to its population is a nice bonus.

X CRAFT's urban furniture, bike racks, tree guards, and durable sports equipment offers a full range of modern street furniture solutions while maximizing space. Our collection offers significantly different products to the standard designs seen throughout the industry. These include our one-play courts that can host basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, and volleyball games and cleverly-designed benches that double as bike racks. Many of our urban products have multiple uses, keeping every product practical, durable, and modern.

While we can expound further on our motivations and impact, we think our work speaks for itself. Look through our catalogue and you'll see the X CRAFT difference.


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Service Areas

X CRAFT operates at all scales and levels of governance throughout North America, and we can come up with the right solution for your urban design, commercial, or residential needs.

Our team does all of the design work and craftsmanship in our London, Ontario workshop. Combining German designs with Canadian production lets us stay close to our roots and improve the community which has supported our work.

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