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Superior Decking Component System

Our components are versatile, customizable, and easy to use, making any deck layout and project possible without having to hire a professional. Our decking systems are also perfect for both permanent and temporary needs and with an easy setup and take down process.

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X Craft Products

X CRAFT modular decking component systems connect in many ways. These connectors are designed to fix any 4x4 and 6x6 wood posts as well as X CRAFT-designed 4x4 metal posts.

Our metal posts are designed to be height adjustable up to 5”, making it easy to find the perfect leveling height. X CRAFT metal posts and X CRAFT wood post levelers can be installed on any surface.

Custom Outdoor Modular Decking supplies

X CRAFT decking component system connects in different ways and because of its modularity, it allows you to add on or replace wood joists or maintain components instead of replacing the entire system.

X CRAFT is all about curating and crafting an experience that connects design with those who need it. Our team focuses on quality workmanship for home & commercial deck components. With an engineer-focused design, our decking supplies are built to last. 






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