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Canadian Craftsmanship With German Roots

X CRAFT is all about curating and crafting an experience that connects design with those who need it. Our team focuses on quality workmanship for home & office decor, outdoor furniture & activities. The X CRAFT artisans use only the best materials, carefully choosing from environmentally-conscious sources from around the world and handcrafting every product in our London, Ontario workshop.


Game & Sports

Turn any place into a sports arena to bring your community and family closer together. X CRAFT has expertly designed outdoor ping-pong tables, multi-use courts, concrete foosball tables, and more.


Outdoor Furniture

This artisanally-crafted outdoor furniture fuses natural elements with concrete and steel to create contemporary styles that are guaranteed to impress.


Urban Designs

X CRAFT's urban designs use classic, contemporary, and natural elements to make city spaces more inviting. We can also link seats, benches, cycle stands and planters together for more unique designs.


X CRAFT is the curator of design, taste, and style in the luxury lifestyle market. Melding German craftsmanship with Canadian design, our collections of timeless classics, handcrafted reproductions, and contemporary styles are a combination of design and quality.

What separates us from the rest of the industry is our sheer devotion to craft: from the smallest stitch to the largest sectional, we believe that every product we make should contain impeccable quality and meticulous attention to detail. Once selected from the top regions around the world, we entrust the materials to our qualified craftspeople, who thoughtfully blend the sensitivity and tradition of handmade goods with innovative modern technology.

Contemporary & Custom
Concrete Designs


Concrete Design Blog

Read about the latest modern furniture design notes on the X CRAFT Blog. You'll be able to read about insights into the world of contemporary furniture and outdoor design, care advice for your handcrafted furniture and sports equipment, and more behind-the-scenes looks at the X CRAFT method.

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What Is The Process For Outdoor Furniture Design?
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Quality Artistic Furniture Design Services

Our Philosophy

X CRAFT is remaking how you think of design, both in the home and on the street. We commit to connecting design with those who seek it. Focusing on quality and contemporary design, we offer sophisticated community designs, home & office decor, and sports gear to create an inspired lifestyle and bring design back to our home and urban environments.

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Service Areas

X CRAFT operates at all scales and levels of governance throughout North America, and we can come up with the right solution for your urban, commercial, or residential design needs.

Our team does all of the design work and craftsmanship in our London, Ontario workshop. Combining German designs with Canadian production lets us stay close to our roots and improve the community which has supported our work.

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